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The Town Council of the Town of Amherst will hold a public hearing on August 13, 2014 at 7:00 PM in the new Town Hall at 174 S. Main Street.

The subject of the hearing is to receive comments on disposing the land and building at 186 S. Main Street, known as the Town Hall, pursuant to Sec.15.2-1800 of the Code of Virginia.



The Town Council of the Town of Amherst invites interested and qualified individuals to apply for appointment to the following committee(s) for the term(s) indicated:

    Board of Zoning Appeals (September 1, 2014-August 31, 2019)

Applications should be submitted to the Town Hall via a form available at and in the Town Hall.


Help Wanted:

Office Assistant (part-time)

Utility Specialists (part-time)



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